5 Reasons Why Head Massage Must Be In Your Hair Care Routine

Our hair is one of the most treasured traits of our personality but sometimes it is also the most neglected one. A disciplined hair care routine that includes head massage must be a part of our lives. Our hair is exposed to dust, harsh sunlight, harmful pollutants, and other dirt particles. Simply washing with a shampoo every now and then is not going to mitigate the effects of the harmful elements. You need to do some extra efforts to ensure that it does not lose its shine and bounce. If you do not take good care of your tresses, sooner or later, you are going to suffer from the problem of hair loss. A head massage literally goes to the root of the problem and eliminates it. Let’s take a look at the reasons why a massage must be an integral part of your hair care routine.

1. Prevents Flakes And Dry Scalp

A scalp massage must be done with natural oils like those extracted from almond, olive, jojoba, coconut, etc. This will help in lubricating the scalp and the hair. The natural oils are also helpful in conditioning the scalp and preventing dryness. A thoroughly lubricated scalp will lead to the elimination of flakes. Regular massage treatments done by experts will gradually improve the overall scalp condition of people with serious dryness issues. Some of you go for hair spa treatments at regular intervals. You must consult a hair care specialist to create a routine that includes massages and all the other helpful treatments.

2. Strengthens The Roots And The Shafts Of The Hair

One of the most common problems that most people face is that of hair fall. Seeing the bathroom floor spattered with your precious tresses after a shower is a nightmare for most of us. Do you know that a scalp massage can help in preventing hair fall? As mentioned before, a massage done with natural oil lubricates the scalp. The nourishing elements of the oil strengthen the roots of your strands. They also rejuvenate the hair-shafts and improve the overall resilience of your hair. Regular head massage treatments will strengthen your hair from the root upwards and prevent it from falling.

3. Delays Premature Greying Of The Hair

Another common issue that most young people are facing is premature greying of the hair. The problem is especially seen among the younger generation residing in urban areas. Continuous exposure to pollutants and inconsistent hair care routine leads to the hair turning grey quickly. Once the strands start showing signs of premature aging, most people turn towards hair coloring techniques to rectify the situation. The hair color only covers the grey. It does not stop the process. Regular massages taken at reliable salons can help in stopping premature greying. Knowledgeable professionals use medicated oils to give massages that can stop hair from turning grey.

4. Mitigates The Damaging Effects Of Harmful Elements

One of the biggest reasons why head massage must be a part of every individual’s beauty care routine is that it alleviates the effects of harmful elements. Most of us are constantly exposed to air and water pollution. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also be damaging for your hair. It is necessary that the negative impact is mitigated otherwise you will have to encounter problems like greying and hair fall. It has been found that regular massages boost the blood circulation in the scalp. The nourishing nature of the massage oils counters the negative effect of the pollutants. The increased blood circulation to the head rejuvenates the hair and also stimulates growth.

5. De-stresses Your Mind

Some of you must be thinking about how relaxing your mind can help in hair care. A massage given by an expert professional relaxes the muscles in the neck and head area. Tight muscles can restrict the flow of blood to the head. The soothing effects of natural oil combined with the skilful maneuvers of a massage therapist can de-stress  your mind. If you are continuously anxious, then its effects can be seen on your hair. Prolonged mental stress and tension can cause hair fall and greying. Regular scalp massages have a relaxing effect on your mind which is also reflected in your shiny hair.

Most people do not think twice before experimenting with coloring techniques like Ombré and Sombre. But they will be hesitant about getting their head massaged regularly. There are numerous benefits of scalp massages and everyone must make it a part of their hair care routine. 

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5 Reasons Why Head Massage Must Be In Your Hair Care Routine