6 Valuable Tips To Prepare For Your First Hair Color Appointment

Are you planning to color your hair for the first time? Then make sure to efficiently prepare for your first hair color appointment. Our tresses enhance our personality and any hairstyling decision must be taken with great care. Even a small misstep can cost you dearly. There have been numerous cases of people trying to experiment without expert assistance and ruing it later. Your first coloring session must be at a reputable salon.

This will help you get the desired effect for your strands. You must make some necessary preparations before going for your first coloring session. This is important for the health fo your tresses and making sure that the shade lasts longer. Here are some valuable ideas that will help you in finalizing the right salon for your first color appointment and ensuring that everything goes well.

1. Know About The Different Hair Color Services

It will be pertinent to know about the various hair color services that are in vogue these days. This will help you identify the right technique for your curls. Global hair color is one of the most common services in which the entire strand is dyed in a single shade from root to tip. Then there are highlights in which sections of your strands are shaded in a tone lighter than your natural hue. When used smartly highlights can accentuate facial features. Ombré is another popular styling technique in which the root color gradually fades into a much lighter hue at the ends. Sombre can be defined as a more subtle version of ombré as the contrast between the root shade and the tip color is not as stark. Balayage is a trendy process in which a stylist dyes your hair like a painter coloring a canvas. It gives a natural outlook to your hair.

2. Take Reference Images With You

We usually have a picture in our mind about the type of effect we want with the coloring process. However, explaining that idea to another individual can be a difficult task. If the professional does not get the right picture, the result will be much different from your expectation. This will not be an ideal situation. To perfectly explain the kind of look you desire, it will be pertinent to use pictures for the purpose. Use the internet to find inspiration pictures that show the type of coloring look you want. Collect a few images that are just what you want and take them to your hair color salon. This will enable the stylist to understand your expectations.

3. Shortlist A Few Salons

It is vital to book your first hair color appointment at a reputable salon. How do you find a salon with the expertise that you require? Ask your friends and acquaintances for referrals. Let’s say you desire balayage hair. Do you know someone who has got such tresses? Ask them about the salon where they go their strands dyed. You can also use the internet to research styling outlets. Identify four to five salons that are known for their expertise in different hair color techniques. Check out their websites and social media pages. Most beauty care establishments populate their social posts with real-life images of their customers. Look at the pictures to ascertain the kind of work done by the outlet. Once you have shortlisted 4 to 5 hairdressing outlets, visit each one to get a first-hand feel of the place.

4. Never Shampoo Just Before Your Coloring Appointment

A common mistake that most people make is to shampoo their hair just before the coloring appointment. The dyes used in the process contain chemicals that can harm your tresses. If you follow the tip mentioned before this one, you would have found the best hair color salon for your purpose. Such outlets use high-quality products that are safe for your curls. But even then some amount of damage is unavoidable after a dying session. You must shampoo your tresses at least 48 hours before your appointment. This will make sure that a layer of natural oil is present on your scalp to protect it from the harsh chemicals. 

5. Avoid Using Heat Tools Before Your First Coloring Session

You must present your curls in their natural state to your stylist. This is important for achieving the right coloring effect. If your natural hair state is altered, then it will reflect light and shadow in a different manner. To avoid this, it is essential to protect your curls from excessive heat. Do not use heating tools to dry or style your tresses. Ideally, you must not use heating tools before meeting your stylist for the first time. Let the hair color experts take a good look at your strands so that he/ she can provide the right advice.

6. Learn About Colored Hair Maintenance

The longevity of your hair color will depend on how well you maintain it. Before fixing your appointment, you must ask the stylist about colored hair maintenance. An expert will outline an effective hair care routine that will include nourishing and hydrating your scalp. He/ she will also point out the mistakes to avoid. A reputable hair salon will also recommend good-quality products like shampoos and conditioners that you can use. Make sure that you are ready to follow the maintenance advice and ensure the longevity of your dyed tresses.

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6 Valuable Tips To Prepare For Your First Hair Color Appointment