7 Valuable Hair Care Tips For Colored Hair To Keep It Healthy

The right hair color applied by expert stylists adds a new dimension to your personality. Colored tresses require a diligent hair care routine. Hair coloring involves treating your curls with chemical-based dyes for adding a touch of excitement to them. Any process that involves the use of chemicals will cause some amount of damage to your strands. This has to be mitigated by replenishing your hair’s health with nourishing elements. A failure to do so can vanish the natural shine from your curls and make them dull and dry. In this article, we are discussing some actionable ideas that you can use to manage the care of your dyed hair. These tips will also be useful for those people who are planning to color their tresses.

1. Prepare Your Hair For Coloring

Are you planning to try a hair coloring technique like balayage? Then you must make some preparations before you get the color. The ideal way is to start the preparations a couple of months before getting your tresses dyed. Start oiling your curls regularly and also go in for hair mask treatments a few times. This will hydrate your strands and keep them nourished. Never use any heating tools to dry your hair. You must also visit your salon for regular trims. Following this routine will make sure that your hair is well-hydrated and ready for handling the effects of the chemicals in hair color.

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair Straight Away After Coloring

You must never wash your hair straight away after receiving a coloring treatment. If you wash too early then the color can bleed out. It will be pertinent to wait for two to three days before washing your strands. This will allow the cuticles to close and enable the chosen shade to set in. During the time between the application of the color and the wash, your tresses’ natural oil will form a protective covering over the shade. This will help in making your hues last longer. Choose a reputable hair care salon for the coloring and follow all the directions given by the stylists for the best results.

3. Include Hydration In Your Hair Care Routine

Dryness is one of the most common after-effects of dying your strands. The loss of moisture has to be countered with some extra care. One of the most effective hair care tips is to include regular conditioning in your routine. Many people feel that simply using a conditioner after a wash with shampoo is enough. The activity has to be supplemented by regular oiling and hair mask treatments. This will help in regaining the lost moisture and hydrating your curls. A hair mask will also control any frizz and repair the damage done by the dying process.

4. Replenish The Lost Protein Of Your Tresses

Protein damage is another significant side-effect of coloring your curls. If your strands are starting to stretch and are breaking or feel mushy when wet, then these are signs of protein damage. It is necessary to mitigate the damage by replenishing the lost protein of your tresses. You can ask a professional who is an authority on hair care, for help. In most cases, experts advise using hair mask treatments to handle the issue. Some will advise you over-the-counter protein damage treatments while others will recommend the use of homemade masks. You can make a simple mask with ingredients like eggs and mayonnaise at home. 

5. Do Regular Trimmings To Manage Split Ends

Trimmings must be a part of your hair care routine. You must get the ends of your strands trimmed every six to eight weeks. This will be helpful in countering split ends and breakage. Some amount of damage to your tresses after a coloring session is inevitable. Regular trimmings help in alleviating the severity of the harm done by the chemicals in the dye. People who go for coloring techniques like ombré and sombre must use trimmings to maintain the health of their hair. You must go to a reputable salon to get the trimmings done efficiently.

6. Protect Your Colored Hair From Excessive Heat

A lot of people use a blow dryer for drying wet hair. Many of them use heat styling tools to curl or straighten their strands. The heat from such tools will not only damage your hair but it will also affect the fastness of the color. The high amount of heat generated by such tools will dry the moisture of your hair and cause harm to it. The ideal way to dry your hair is to let the wetness go away naturally. Moreover, it will be best to avoid styling tools that use heat. If using such appliances is unavoidable, then you must apply a heat protectant before using them on your strands. You must go to a reputed hair care services salon when you require styling from heat-based tools.

7. Use Good Quality Hair Care Products

Freshly-dyed hair is susceptible to bleeding and damage. To make the color last longer, it is essential to use only high-quality products. Consult your hairstylist to choose the right color-protecting shampoos and conditioners. These products will add a protective cover over the hair shaft to prevent bleeding. It will also be pertinent to use sulfate-free shampoos as they do not promote residue build-up on the scalp. Such hair care products also do not dry the natural oils of your curls.

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7 Valuable Hair Care Tips For Colored Hair To Keep It Healthy