Follow This Haircare Routine By The Best Hair Spa In Gurgaon

Most of us fret so much about our hair but hardly follow an effective routine to maintain it. Experts at the best hair spa in Gurgaon say that some regular proper practices will protect our tresses from damage and keep them healthy. Here we are presenting some tips that you can follow to take care of your curls. Some of you may be already using these ideas but are you doing them right? Read on to know these simple but effective tips. Including them in your regular routine will have a nourishing effect on your strands and scalps. They will keep most hair problems at bay and ensure your mane looks and feels healthy. 

1. Apply Oil Before Washing Your Hair

Before you shampoo your hair, it will be wise to oil it up. You can use a natural product like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil for the purpose. Massage it gently on to your scalp and tresses before stepping into the shower. This will pre-condition your tresses. If you want a bit more then you can warm some olive oil in a glass bowl. Then apply and leave it for about 45 minutes. Olive oil has antioxidant properties that will protect your strands from hair from oxidative damage. The best hair spa salon in Gurgaon also recommends it because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Learn The Correct Way To Shampoo

Most of us use shampoo the wrong way. We take a good amount of the shampoo and rinse it directly on our hair. This is not the correct way of shampooing your curls. Haircare experts at a top hair spa in Gurgaon say that shampoo can rob your tresses of their natural oil and make them dry. This can be avoided by diluting your shampoo with water. Take the shampoo in an amount you usually use and mix it in some water. Pour it over your head and gently massage it in circular motions on your scalp. Wash it off with lukewarm or cool water. Avoid using hot water for washing your mane.

3. Avoid Damage While Drying After Shampoo

Some people vigorously rub their hair to dry it after a bath. Avoid this practice as it can cause hair breakage. Always use a microfiber towel for drying your strands. Experts at a reputed hair salon in Gurgaon say that terrycloth towels must not be used as they can break your strands. It will also be sensible to avoid blow dryers for drying wet hair. If for some reason you are forced to use a dryer, make sure that you let your tresses dry naturally or pat them with a towel. Use a dryer only when your hair is only one-third wet.

4. Avoid Hair Breakage While Brushing

The wrong way of brushing also leads to intense hair breakage. People try to use their combs or brushes to break through knots and tangles. If you apply conditioner after shampoo, then use a wide-toothed comb to ease out the tangles when the conditioner is still on. Experienced stylists at the best hair spa in Gurgaon say that detangling must be done from the ends to the root. Start from a little above the end and brush downwards. Move up towards the scalp while detangling the curls at the bottom.

5. Ensure Protection From Harsh Elements

Excessive sunlight and pollution can cause great damage to our curls. Make sure that your hair is covered with a cap or scarf when you step outside. This is the easiest way to protect your strands from sunlight, dust, and other harmful elements. The best salon for hair color says that you must use hair sunscreen to prevent damage from ultraviolet rays. You must also tie up your hair when you have to go outside.

6. Know About Proper Hair Care At Night

The best hair stylist in Gurgaon says that you must tie up your strands before you go to bed. Make sure that you do so with a light elastic band. This will help in preventing breakage. Always use a pillowcase made of silk or satin as those made of cotton can cause frizz and breakage due to their slightly abrasive makeup. Put some hair oil at the ends of your strands moisturize them before sleeping. 

7. Be Careful During Routine Styling

Apart from brushing the right way, you have to be careful while carrying out daily styling. Never tie your tresses too tightly as this can damage hair follicles. This can lead to hair fall. You can use rubber bands and hair elastic to keep your strands in place. Make sure that the products do not have metal clasps that can tug and break your curls.

8. Avoid Heat-based Tools For Occasion Styling

We all want our hair to look gorgeous when we are going to a party or a special event. Some people use heat styling tools to get the right look without realizing that such devices can cause great damage to their tresses. The best salon for smoothening says that too much heat styling must be avoided. If possible visit a reputed salon to get the styling done. You must also use a heat protectant before curling or straightening to protect your mane from the heat.

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Follow This Haircare Routine By The Best Hair Spa In Gurgaon