Hair Highlighting: A Beginner’s Guide To The Coloring Technique

Are you bored with regular hair and want to try something new? If you are looking for an effective coloring technique, then highlighting may just do the trick for you. Coloring your hair cannot be taken lightly. If things go wrong then you will have to live with the mistake for a long time. Every decision related to the crown on your head must be taken after due consideration. Hair highlights, when done right will enhance the natural look of your curls. It will add a new dimension to your personality and combined with the right makeup can make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

There are various essential things that you must know before you call up the nearest salon to book an appointment. Here we are presenting a guide that will enhance your knowledge about the coloring trick and help you select the right tone.

What Are Highlights?

Some hair care experts term highlights as a makeup technique for your tresses. This is because the method adds a touch of brightness to the curls. Hair highlights are sections of a person’s hair that have been colored in a shade that is lighter than the individual’s natural hair color. An accomplished expert will use the method along with lowlights to accentuate or tone down certain facial features. While highlights are lighter than your natural shade, lowlights are darker than the original tone of your tresses. The choice of the tones for the dying processes will depend on your natural hair color as well as skin tone.

How To Choose Highlights For Your Skin Tone?

Let us now discuss how you can choose shades for highlights based on your skin tone. Ideally, the color of your highlights must be not more than three shades lighter than your natural shade. The rule will be reversed when choosing shades for lowlights. Then the tone must not be more than three shades darker than your original color. Now, you must know your skin undertone to make the right selection. Professionals with expert coloring skills will look at the veins under your wrist to identify your skin tone. People with a mixture of blue and green veins have an olive undertone. Those who have mostly blue veins fall in the cool undertone category while those with mostly green ones have a warm undertone. Once you know your undertone, a stylist will identify a suitable color and its right shade for your skin undertone.

What Are The Coloring Techniques For Applying Hair Highlights?

We will now discuss how highlighting is applied to a person’s hair. There are two main methods to apply highlights.

1. Foil Technique

The traditional foil method involves dividing well-brushed, dry tresses into sections. Each hair section will be held in place with clips. A stylist will usually start coloring the lower sections first. The strands in the section will be tightly pulled up and a foil will be placed under it. The selected color will be applied to the entire section and then the foil will be folded to cover it. The procedure will be repeated for all the sections to complete your hair highlights.

2. Balayage

Balayage is another coloring technique that is being used to apply highlights. The method derives its name from a French word that means “to sweep” or “to paint”. This technique does not involve the use of foils or other usual coloring equipment. Instead, the hairstylist will use cotton wool to separate the hair sections and a backing board to evenly spread the color. Just like a painter, the technician will use a sweeping motion to apply the color on your hair. This method gives more natural-looking highlights than the foil technique.

How To Maintain Your Hair Highlights?

To keep your color rich and vibrant for a long time, you must follow some maintenance tips. It will be safe to wash your hair only after 48 to 72 hours have passed since the highlights were done. You must also keep in mind that the shade wears off a bit after each wash. Consult a top hair stylist to determine your washing frequency. Use only those shampoos and conditioners that have been created for colored hair. Coloring dries human hair and the ends are the first to get affected. Get regular trimmings and try to air dry your strands rather than using any equipment.

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Are you thinking of doing hair highlighting at home? There are loads of tutorials on the internet and DIY kits available in the market. But highlighting is an intricate coloring technique that requires expertise. You must consult a reliable hairstylist or salon to get the process done.

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Hair Highlighting: A Beginner’s Guide To The Coloring Technique