How H2TGlamour Is Offering Safe Salon Services In Gurgaon During COVID-19

Can you provide efficient services to salon clients without personal interaction?  H2T Glamour was one of the first establishments to restart safe salon services in Gurgaon and is best positioned to answer this question. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every business including the beauty and wellness industry. Most salons, spas, massage studios, and wellness clinics are grappling with the issue of reopening their outlets in a safe manner. Our chain of salons is committed to providing safe and hygienic services to all our patrons. That is why we created a set of guidelines to be followed by all our outlets and staff. We follow these measures diligently to ensure your safe stay at our salons.

Let’s see how H2T Glamour salons provide safe services to customers during these days.

1. Personal Protective Gear For Employees

Personal contact is unavoidable while providing services like hair cuts, facials, or massages. To ensure that actual physical contact is absolutely avoided, we have instructed our staff to wear protective gear. Every professional like hairdresser, makeup artists, and therapists, apart from the administrative and cleaning staff have to wear a mask while working in our salons in Gurgaon. When they are servicing clients, the employees wear eye goggles or a  face shield along with a pair of gloves. The professionals wear fresh smock or bodysuit depending on the customer’s preference, before servicing the client. Every piece of protective gear that a staff member had put on while servicing a client is either disposed of or stored in a closed container for washing. 

2. Regular Temperature Checks Of Staff And Guests

All our staff members undergo regular temperature checks. Every employee’s temperature is checked with a contactless infrared thermometer when he or she reports for work at an outlet. The administrative staff asks each employee about their health every day. This is done to ensure that none of the employees are suffering from cold or cough or have a fever. A similar approach is used while entertaining our customers. Every customer’s temperature is scanned with an IR thermometer on arrival at the salon. Our salon chain in Gurgaon has instructed the reception staff to politely inquire about the recent health of the clients before entertaining them.

3. Regular Sanitization Of Salons And Equipment

Every piece of equipment that has been used for servicing a customer is sanitized before and after the session. All the tools like combs and scissors are sprayed with a disinfectant. Our salons store used towels, drapes, and smocks in tightly-closed containers. All these items are washed with detergent and disinfectant mixed in hot water. We try to use items made of disposable material as much as possible to avoid reusing them. The area and the chair where a customer sat while getting the service are also sanitized before and after the session. H2T Glamor was one of the first hair salons in Gurgaon that started offering haircuts in a completely hygienic environment after the lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

4. Maintaining Social Distancing Inside The Salons

To provide safe salon services in Gurgaon, H2T Glamour ensures social distancing inside its outlets. It has rearranged the seating plan in the waiting area. Chairs inside the service area have also been repositioned so that the necessary distance is always maintained between people while they are inside the salon. We have also marked the areas with visible signs where people must not stand or sit. This helps in guiding people to follow proper social distancing norms inside our outlets.

5. Taking Care Of The Safety Of Our Customers

Our salon chain takes all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our customers. We sanitize the hands of all customers that visit us. Every client is draped with a clean and fresh cape that is not used again for servicing another customer that day. We try to use capes made of disposable material as much as possible. But sometimes supply and procurement issues can cause us to use washable capes. Our staff ensures that every reusable cape is stored ina closed box after a single-use. We use disposable neck strips around the neck of each customer visiting us for a haircut. We also recommend clients to keep on their masks, if possible, while getting the services.

6. Reorganized And Regularly Sanitized Reception Area

We have rearranged the reception areas at our outlets to make sure minimum contact with an object or another individual. All unnecessary items like newspapers, magazines, decorative pieces, signages, and other objects have been removed from the area. Instead of using paper pads and notebooks, we are using digital devices like laptops and phones to record customer and billing details. The reception desk and other necessary items in the area are cleaned with disinfectant multiple times during the day. All the door handles and any other surfaces that are regularly touched also receive the same treatment. We are easily the best salon in Gurgaon when it comes to ensuring customer safety.

7. Effective Administrative Control To Ensure Safe And Hygienic Surroundings

The management of the H2T Glamour salons exercises effective control to ensure all safety measures are followed at all the outlets. Our top management is regularly updated by all the employees’ current health status. Any staff member who develops a fever or any other symptoms that may or may not be linked to COVID-19 is advised to stay at home and get the necessary medical check-ups done. The management ensures that all the employees are adequately trained in safety procedures. They also conduct random checks to make sure that other sections like the employee relaxation areas are clean and sanitized. They also ensure the availability of hand sanitizers, soap, water, and all protective equipment at every salon. We proudly claim to be the top salon in Gurgaon when it comes to ensuring high hygiene standards.

Still Not Convinced: Call Our Home Salon Services In Gurgaon

Are you still not convinced about visiting a salon in Gurgaon? We have an effective solution for you. Reach us to avail of our home salon services in Gurgaon. H2T Glamour is offering a few of its services at customers’ homes. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment and we will send the right professional to your home. Every staff of our salon is trained in following the necessary safety measures. The temperature of every home salon services professional is checked and the absence of visible symptoms is ensured before sending them to a customer location.

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How H2TGlamour Is Offering Safe Salon Services In Gurgaon During COVID-19