Long-lasting Blowout Tips By Best Hair Salon In Gurgaon

Blowouts are hot these days. People who desire volume and gloss are asking their stylists for the treatment. You can also go to the best hair salon in Gurgaon and enjoy long-lasting texture with an intense shine. However, most people complain that the effect of their blowout faded sooner than they liked. We are presenting some valuable tips that you can follow to enjoy the benefits of blowout treatments for longer periods. Before you visit your hairdresser for a blow-dry session, take a look at the ideas discussed here. They will surely help you maintain your look for a long time.

Points To Remember During The Treatment

The preparation for making a blowout last longer starts before you get the treatment. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while getting the service.

1. Consult Your Stylist to Decide The Right Products

Choosing the right products for the service is essential. Visit the best hair spa in Gurgaon and discuss your specific hair issue with the expert. This will help in selecting the right product for the session. For instance, if you are troubled by fine hair that does not support its shape for too long, then the stylist will use a volumizing product to boost your tresses. Similarly, if frizz is your bane, then it will have to be controlled with a styling product.

2. Divide Your Hair Into Sections For Proper Drying

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while using a blower to dry their tresses at home is to not dry them completely. The moisture left behind can cause issues. The stylists at the best hair spa salon in Gurgaon divide the hair into sections. Remember that sections must be small and fine so that no area is left unexposed to the dryer. The professionals then move the brush and the dryer from the scalp to the ends until all sections are completely dry.

3. Use A Round Brush

You must get the treatment from a professional who possesses expertise in it. Such experts are aware of the right amount of the dryer’s heat that your strands should be exposed to. They also know about the perfect brushes to use during blowouts. All the top hair salons in Gurgaon use a round brush while giving the treatment. They also choose the size of the brush depending on the length of your mane.

4. Target The Roots For Good Volume

If your strands are droopy at the roots, then your hair will go limp soon. It will not sustain the style for long. To ensure maximum volume use a root boosting spray. Mist the product while your tresses are damp. Then flip your head and spray the product on to your roots. The professionals at the best salon for hair styling in Gurgaon say that this will ensure that you get good volume at the root. It will help in locking in your look for a longer period.

5. Know The Correct Way To Use Hairspray

Stylists use hairspray on wet strands to shape and set the tresses. Choosing an establishment like the best hair salon in Gurgaon will give you access to experienced professionals. They will choose a suitable product for your curls and mist it on all sections before drying. They also hold the can at least 12 to 14 inches away from your head so that the product does not wet your strands. This helps in repelling humidity and retaining your style for longer periods.

Precautions To Take After Blowouts

We now list the precautions that you must take after the treatment to make sure its effect lasts long.

6. Use A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

Avoid pillowcases made of cotton while sleeping. The friction caused by the material can result in matting and crimping of your strands. You must use a pillowcase made of silk or satin. It will not cause any friction and allow your hair to flow naturally. The best hair stylist in Gurgaon says that you must also tie your hair in a loose bun with a band that does not crease your curls.

7. Cover Your Hair In The Shower

Protect your blow-dried hair from water while showering. Moisture causes fine hair to flatten and full hair to go frizzy. This means that whichever type you are, you will lose your style as soon as the tresses get wet. Experts at the top hair salon in Gurgaon recommend a shower cap lined with terry-cloth. Make sure that the cap is not too tight and fits you snugly. 

8. Protect Your Tresses From Sweat

Sweat is another element that can ruin your style. It is essential to protect your mane from sweat. If you jog or go to the gym regularly, then it is important that you take the necessary precautions. Put on a headband made of absorbent cloth before starting your exercise routine. The best hairdressers in Gurgaon say that this will prevent frizz from forming in the delicate baby strands around your hairline.

9. Use A Dry Shampoo To Prolong The Blowout

Our scalp has oil glands that can start working before you are ready to shampoo your hair. This means that your scalp can become oily and cause your blowout to end. Experienced professionals say that dry shampoo is the best product to counter this issue. It absorbs all the oil and refreshes the tips to give a full look to your hair.

Before you start searching for the best hair salons in Gurgaon for blow-dry treatments, read these tips to prolong the beautiful effect of a blowout.

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Long-lasting Blowout Tips By Best Hair Salon In Gurgaon