Nail Care Tips Decoded By The Best Manicure Salon in Gurgaon

What does taking care of your nails mean to you? Most people take a manicure treatment now and then thinking it’s enough. But the best manicure salon in Gurgaon points a daily routine that needs to be followed to take good care of your nails. All of us, especially fashion-conscious ladies desire shapely and shiny nails. To get the perfect look, you have to follow a strict regimen that nurtures your talons.

Healthy and perfect-looking claws cannot be achieved in a couple of manicure sessions. You have to follow a routine to clean and maintain the nails. Below are some handy nail care tips that will help in maintaining your talons. But before you follow these ideas make sure that your nails are in good health. Do your nails split up easily? Then you may be suffering from vitamin deficiency. Healthy nails have a pink-mixed-with-white color and their white tips are of even length. If you feel that your claws are in bad shape due to some health issues, do see a specialist. Other people can read and follow these valuable tips to take good care of their fingernails. 

1. Prevent Germs By Keeping Nails Clean And Dry

There is always a risk of your nails catching germs and bacteria due to the exposure of your hands to all kinds of elements. It is essential to keep your claws clean and dry to prevent bacteria formation. The current COVID-19 pandemic also necessitates that you wash your hands regularly and do not allow dirt and grime to settle beneath your talons. Use a gentle soap and water to wash your paws and make sure you clean under the nails. Experts at manicure salons in Gurgaon suggest that you can use a toothbrush and soap to clean your claws.

2. Clip And File Nails Regularly

Long nails look gorgeous but they are prone to breakage. It will be sensible to keep your talons short and grow them before a special occasion. Make sure that you trim the nails once a week or every two weeks depending on how fast they grow. Use a good quality clipper for the trimmings. Always use a file to smoothen the rough edges that form after a clipping session. Some people use a file made of a material that is not suitable for their nails. Consult a reliable nail salon in Gurgaon to select a good set of clippers and files for your regimen.

3. Do Not Forget To Maintain The Cuticles

Most of us run an online search such as “manicure salon near me” and then visit the first outlet that pops up in the results. While the professionals at most salons are aware of the correct polishing and manicure techniques, very few know about the importance of cuticles. The layer of clear skin along the bottom edge of your nails acts as a sealant. It protects your nail roots from bacteria. Many salon professionals completely remove the cuticles as they feel it helps in a better polish application. But you must retain your cuticles and only trim the loose, hanging skin. You can also nourish them by massaging coconut or almond oil.

4. Moisturize Your Nails

Yes, you heard it right. You have to moisturize your nails just like you do your skin. Just like your body’s natural shell, your claws can also suffer from dryness and flakiness. Regular moisturizing will act as a safeguard against excessive dryness. Consult the experts at outlets such as the best manicure salon in Gurgaon to identify suitable hand creams, cuticle creams, or moisturizing oils for your claws and cuticles. 

5. Apply A Base Coat Followed By A Top Coat For Protection

Most people are unaware of the correct way to paint nails. You must apply a base coat that will act as a protective layer and prevent discoloration and staining. Apply a thick base coat as it will enhance the color of your polish. Follow it up with a top coat to seal in the color. This will also provide the glossy look to your talons. You can add a top coat every three days to reduce chipping. You can also visit a nail salon in Gurgaon to get the application done by experts.

6. Learn The Correct Way To Remove Nail Polish

Just like nail polish application has to be done carefully, you have to follow a thorough process for its efficient removal. Never use harsh substances to scrape off the polish from your digits. This can remove the top surface of your nails along with the paint. There are a variety of remover liquids available in the market. Use a good quality remover and cotton to take off the paint. Another handy way is to get an expert at the best nail salon in Gurgaon to handle the process.

7. Protect Your Nails With Gloves While Doing Household Chores

Your hands and nails are exposed to all kinds of elements like dirt and harsh cleaning detergents whole doing household chores. Prolonged exposure to such items can cause damage to your paws. Make it a habit to wear gloves while doing household work like cleaning dishes or mopping the floor. This will safeguard your hands and talons from damage. Expert therapists at salon providing manicures in Gurgaon say that you must use disposable gloves for the purpose. If you use reusable gloves, then wash them after every use and dry them thoroughly in sunlight.

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Nail Care Tips Decoded By The Best Manicure Salon in Gurgaon