Which Salon Franchise To Buy In India

Do you know that the Indian salon industry is valued at over $3.5 billion? Franchises contribute over $1 billion to the valuation. Buying a salon franchise in India will be a sound investment. But the key question is which franchise to choose for starting your venture. There are over 5,000 franchises in the sector and choosing one can be tough for a new entrepreneur. Most people dream of opening the best hair salon in NCR or their chosen location but only a few are able to realize it. In this article, we are discussing the correct approach to find the right franchise opportunity for an investor. We are also providing a conclusive answer to the question of which franchise you should buy.

How To Find The Perfect Salon Franchise To Buy?

Let’s first discuss the preparation that you must do to find the perfect salon franchise opportunity.

1. Get Some Practical Experience

Do you have any practical experience of working in a salon? Have you ever managed a salon or a beauty care establishment? These are important questions that you need to answer. It will be difficult to manage a business if you do not have any relevant practical experience. You must know the common requirements that will have to be fulfilled regularly. It is also important to know about the common challenges that can affect such a venture. For instance, if you are recognized as the best party makeup artist in Gurgaon, then you will be familiar with client expectations related to makeup services. Having prior working experience in the industry will efficiently prepare you for the new business. It will be pertinent to get a first-hand experience by working at or managing a beauty salon in India.

2. Research The Target Audience In Your Location

The choice of the salon franchise will depend upon the target audience of your location. Let’s say you want to open the best facial salon in Gurgaon and partner with an exclusive high-end brand for the purpose. But the area of Gurgaon you open the outlet in is populated by people who do not spend much on beauty care. Expectedly, the response to your salon will not be great. A franchise chain offering efficient and economically-priced services will be a better choice or the salon must be opened at a location frequented by your target audience. Research the target audience in your geographical location. Understand their demographic makeup by looking at their age groups, professions, and buying habits. Before approaching a top salon franchise in India, you must be sure that its outlet will attract the target audience in your location.

3. Determine A Budget For The Venture

Budget is an important factor to consider while making the selection. Most franchises require an upfront investment by a partner for covering the training and marketing costs. A franchise business earns money through monthly franchise fees or a specified percentage of the sales. Some enterprises ask their partners to purchase a specified amount of their signature products. All this means that the franchise business is cash-intensive in nature. That is why a lot of franchises like to choose partners who have a substantial amount of liquid assets. If you desire to open the best manicure salon in Gurgaon, then you must first determine a budget. You must also identify the sources for raising the capital before finding a suitable opportunity.  

4. Research Salon Franchise Opportunities

Once you have researched your target audience and identified a budget for the venture, it is time to know about the franchise opportunities in the salon industry. The internet is a good place to start your research. Find out about all the organizations that are running a salon franchise in India. All reputable enterprises have a website and franchisors have a separate section on their websites for interested partners. Collect all the important information like the initial minimum investment and the minimum space required for starting the outlet.

5. Set Up Meetings To Learn More About The Franchise Companies

You must shortlist three to four companies. It will be pertinent to align yourself with a salon chain that excels in the area that you specialize in. For instance, if you are an accomplished hairstylist, then you must include the best salon for hair color in your shortlist. Set up meetings with all the salons on your list. The meetings are important to clearly understand the business model of a franchisor. Ask them about the exact initial investment that you will need to make. Inquire about the type of assistance the company will provide. Will it train all the staff members? What kind of marketing assistance does the franchisor offer? You can also visit an established franchise outlet of the company to take a look at how it works and ask the franchise partner about his/ her experience. 

Why H2TGlamour Is The Best Salon Franchise To Buy In India?

It is now time to know the definitive answer to the question which is the best salon franchise to buy in India. The answer is H2TGlamour. Below are the reasons that make it the perfect salon franchise in India for new entrepreneurs.

1. Low Investment Required For Buying The Salon Franchise

The average cost of purchasing a salon franchise is upwards of Rs 30 lakhs. But H2T Glamour has lowered the investment bar to enable more people to become entrepreneurs in the industry. It is a pioneer in starting an efficient model for low-cost salon franchise in India. If you partner with the company then you can start a salon in less than Rs 20 lakhs. It is difficult to find a reputable salon chain offering an opportunity at such a low investment. Moreover, H2T Glamour possesses expertise in a wide range of areas. For instance, it enjoys the reputation of being the best salon for Keratin and Smoothening. This means that with the minimum investment you gain access to expertise in multiple areas.

2. Experienced Founder With In-depth Knowledge Of The Global Industry

H2T Glamour is the brainchild of Arpita Bose who is an experienced beauty care entrepreneur with expertise in hair care and styling, makeup, nail art, skincare, and other services and treatments. Arpita is constantly looking to enhance her knowledge and has won certifications from industry leaders such as L’oreal and GK. Before setting up base in Gurgaon, Arpita has established salons in the highly-competitive environment of Dubai. She knows the challenges associated with running a salon and how to overcome them. Arpita has also built a team of experts. For example, she has the best party makeup artist in Gurgaon working at H2T Glamour. This means that a franchise buyer will get access to expert assistance in all the services. She and her team are always eager to help out franchise partners. Their helpful attitude makes H2T Glamour the best salon franchise in India for new entrepreneurs. 

3. Complete Range Of Beauty Care Services

H2T Glamour offers a complete range of beauty care services at its salons. It provides hair color and styling services in addition to treatments to improve the health of your tresses. Its regular patrons consider it to be the best salon for hairstyling in Gurgaon. People also visit salons for all types of makeup services. Expert artists who are certified by top brands like Lotus and GK provide party and bridal makeup services. You will also find a separate section for nail art and nail care services at the salons. The salon chain also provides skincare treatments by qualified professionals. It is one of the few agencies offering all the services at economical rates under one roof.

H2T Glamour offers one of the best salon franchise opportunities in India. Call now to learn about how you can start a salon in less than Rs 20 Lakhs.

Author Bio

Arpita is a seasoned salon entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of hairstyling, haircare, skincare makeup, nail art, and other beauty care services. She has the experience of setting up and managing a chain of salons in Dubai and Gurgaon. Arpita is the brain behind H2TGlamour, one of India’s fastest-growing salon chain. Join her on Facebook and Instagram to read more such informative posts. Know about Arpita’s journey from a corporate professional to a self-made beauty industry entrepreneur.

Which Salon Franchise To Buy In India